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SoundDNA Overview

SoundDNA enables our most automatic, adaptive, and flexible hearing aid technology to date.  The powerful technologies on the SoundDNA platform automatically detect and adapt to each listener’s auditory world, keeping speech clear, noise to a minimum, and sound interactions remarkably natural. 

SPiN Management

SPiN Directionality

SPiN Directionality automatically activates and shifts direction to track and locate moving sound signals. By using 16 independent frequency bands, it locates speech signals with extreme precision.

SPiN Noise Reduction

This ultra-fast technology automatically differentiates between speech and noise and immediately reduces unwanted sounds.

SPiN Engage

SPiN Engage brings these two technologies together, reacting according to individual listening needs.

Binaural Noise Management

Traditional noise management treats noise symmetrically—coming from all directions. However, when noise is louder on one side, equal treatment by both hearing aids loses the potential to fine-tune desired sounds. Binaural Noise Management is able to suppress noise on one side while prioritizing hearing on the opposite side. These asymmetrical adjustments make listening more comfortable and speech more understandable.

Frequency Transfer

Frequency Transfer works by copying and compressing high-frequency input and transferring it to a lower frequency region that has better residual hearing. Frequency Transfer improves the access – and therefore the audibility – of speech cues. Importantly, Speech Variable Processing keeps the bandwidth of the original signal intact which promotes a smooth and seamless sound. Watch and learn how Frequency Transfer works... it's amazing!

Dual Radio System

The SoundDNA platform makes the wow of wireless even better, with Dual-Radio System. This new system employs 2.4 GHz Bluetooth® technology — so patients can stream audio directly to Enchant via their iPhone® without the need for a ‘go-between’ intermediary device. It also incorporates Near Field Magnetic Induction (NFMI), providing incredibly fast ear-to-ear communication. Enchant featuring Dual-Radio System ensures every patient stays connected, and won’t miss a beat. 

Tinnitus Sound Support

The SoundDNA platform addresses ringing in the ears with Tinnitus SoundSupport. By increasing the volume of external sounds as well as generating specialized noise, this flexible feature can reduce your perception of tinnitus.  You can select and modify sounds to suit your particular preference. 

Enchant and hydrophobic coating


Environmental Protection

Hearing aid users have always had to be careful with their Instruments. But dust and water are a part of everyday life. If your lifestyle involves playing sports, splashing with children, gardening, or working in a dusty environment, you expect some protection. But just how resistant are hearing aids?

The IP Code

One of the simplest and clearest ways to compare the properties of hearing aids is to use a common rating system. Sonic uses the international Ingress Protection (IP) Code to describe how well our aids withstand dust and moisture.The IP Code classifies and rates the degree of protection a case provides against the intrusion of solid objects (e.g. dust) and water. It specifically relates to how well electrical components are protected from these environmental factors.An IP rating consists of two numbers that follow the initials “IP.” The first number indicates the degree of protection from solid foreign objects. A low number means it’s protected from larger objects (like a body part or finger) while a high number means even very small matter (like dust particles) can’t get in. The first IP number is measured on a scale of 0 (no protection) to 6 (complete protection; no ingress of dust).The second number in an IP rating relates to the ingress of water. A low number indicates protection from a small amount of water over a short duration of time. Higher numbers mean protection from jets of water or immersion at different depths. The second IP number is measured on a scale of 0 (no protection) to 8 (continuous immersion deeper than 1 meter).

Sonic Products: IP57 and IP58 ratings

Thanks to good design and our hydrophobic coating, Sonic has achieved impressive IP57 and IP58 ratings on our BTE and RITE devices. Looking at the numbers individually, this means a solid particle protection rating of IP5x: “Dust-protected”, plus a liquid ingress protection rating of IPx7: “Protection against the effects of temporary immersion in water”; and IPx8: “Protection against continuous immersion in water at a depth of 3 feet (1 meter).”This means not enough dust can penetrate the device to interfere with satisfactory operation or to impair safety. It also means that the hearing aid is protected against the effects of temporary and/or continuous immersion in water to an extent that the aid will – under normal circumstances – work again, after it has been wiped dry and the battery has been replaced. All Sonic BTE and RITE styles have an IP57 or IP58 rating, meaning this high level of protection in these styles is available across all the technology levels.